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Independent Solar is an exceptional solar energy company that has established a remarkable reputation for itself in the market. It stands out from the rest of its contenders, given the fact that it is entirely owned by two highly driven and competent individuals- Melissa Smith and Ronnie Goddard. These two personalities bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company, which has undoubtedly aided its continued success throughout the years. Their unwavering commitment to renewable energy has driven the company towards achieving its objectives which include making America more sustainable. Furthermore, Independent Solar boasts a fantastic installation team that manages projects effortlessly, from conceptualization to completion. The Sales Team is focused on New England and Texas, delivering top-notch services to clients, with goals to expand in other states. In sum, Independent Solar is your ultimate go-to source for all your solar energy needs.


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Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

We are a leading provider of sustainable and reliable energy systems. With 25+ years of experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the growing demand for clean energy. Our team of professionals strives to create a greener future for generations to come.

  • Sustainable energy solutions.
  • Reliable power generation.
  • Cutting-edge technology for efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly practices.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Customized systems tailored to your needs.
  • Expert team for seamless installation and maintenance.
  • Commitment to reducing carbon footprint.
  • Enhanced energy security.
  • Long-term sustainability and renewable energy focus.
Megawatts of electric generating Capacity
Billions Annual Investment for 2020
Projects & Systems completed in 2020
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